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A partner of Maria Montessori since 1929: all  Montessori materials approved by the AMI, founded by Maria Montessori herself, based on years of work and research. These details make the difference.




Arts & Crafts

The essential materials for the classroom or the home to give free rein to all kinds of creativity!






Complementary educational materials, designed and produced by the world of education, based on shared experiences.





An entire range of complementary educational games for extracurricular activities or for the home and for all ages. Materials which have been carefully examined and chosen, each with a genuine value and an educational purpose.


Les services Montessori

Montessori Spirit


Montessori schools

Unlike the traditional educational approach, the Montessori method of education is focused on the different stages of children's sensory development. High quality Montessori materials are therefore a necessity for this method, because they are used at every step: school supplies, books, educational games.

Montessori materials

Montessori Spirit offers a full range of approved materials, manufactured by Nienhuis and used in every Montessori school.

  • Early learning for 0-3 years old to guide children as they discover shapes and colours: imbucare boxes, boxes with drawers, discs on a vertical dowel, discs on a horizontal or wavy dowel, plaiting board and more.
  • Practical life to support children as they learn about everyday acts: hand-washing tables, punchers and handles for punchers, dressing frames, brooms, dust pans, finger puppets and more.
  • Sensorial to embody fundamental concepts: red rods, Montessori pink tower, Montessori cylinder blocks, boxes of color tablets, smelling bottles, constructive triangles, Montessori bells, mat display units and more.
  • Language to facilitate an introduction to writing and then to reading: crayon holders, games to find the adjective, grammar exercises, sandpaper letters, mobile alphabets, blackboards, Montessori grammar symbols, writing paper and more.
  • Mathematics to advance from sensory experiences to abstract concepts: counters, Montessori beads, Seguin tens boards, beaded chains, memory boards, number snakes, abacuses, chessboards, Pythagorean plates, binomial/trinomial cubes, fraction skittles, protractors, fraction cabinets and more.
  • Biology to introduce a scientific approach: botany cabinets, botanical card games, botanical puzzles, animal puzzles and more.
  • Geography to acquire an understand of what the world looks like: globe of the continents, land form cards, world maps, cards, puzzles map.
  • Montessori enrichment to further develop certain concepts: Roman arch, the planets of the solar system, flags, scales, clocks, tellurium.
  • Montessori spare parts to maintain your equipment.

Nienhuis and Gonzagarredi: two manufacturers of AMI approved Montessori materials

Montessori Spirit believes in the importance of quality materials which work with the Montessori method of education.  So Nienhuis and Gonzagarredi were chosen as manufacturers for the quality of their colours, their wood and their assembly. Their materials are approved by the AMI: the Association Montessori Internationale. So you can be confident that you're using reliable, safe materials which are certified for Montessori learning.

Montessori school furniture and supplies

To ensure the consistency of its educational approach, each Montessori school must be equipped with furniture. Manufactured by Nienhuis and Gonzagarredi, these materials are AMI approved. Montessori Spirit offers all the necessary equipment: storage, Montessori bookshelves, chests of drawers, chairs, stools, tables, washing up tables, bead cabinets and more.

Implementing the Montessori method of education

Montessori Spirit lists all the arts and crafts supplies required by the Montessori method of education. Paint and ink, brushes and pots, crayons and chalk: you'll find all the materials you need for manual activities here. Paper and stamps, glue and adhesives, clay and scissors are also available.

Educational games complete the range of Montessori materials. They are organised by theme: learning to count, motor skills, language, drama and imitation, building, music and instruments and more.

To find out more about Montessori schools, see our range of Montessori books on art and science, for parents and educators.

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