The Montessori Education needs some specifics materials called Montessori materials. The quality of its material is very important 'cause children cannot be disturbed by a wrong material without risk not to work properly.

Each Montessori material has been designed and made with very strict controls. Maria Montessori tried a lot of different sizes, weights and colors for each material in order to select the best one, which one helps better the child to reach the objective assigned to the material. Then she registered each material BY AMI through Blueprints. Today only 2 companies in Europe use these blueprints : Nienhuis and Gonzagarredi.

This is the companies in which we believe and we work with. We cannot sale low quality products when we talk about children as Montessori Education. A pink tower is not only a wood piece painted in pink ! If child is looking on product imperfections like paint color difference or wood assemblages, he will be not focus on his work...


Among this Montessori material,  Montessori Sensorial materials is maybe the more specific. All materials are in beechwood (hard wood), made of a very precise single piece of wood, without any assemblage or glue, they have several lacquer coats and/or a varnish to protect them. Never forget each Montessori materials will be manipulated very often, not always carefully, and by children.

You will find the same quality in Infant toddler or Montessori practical Life with the dressing frames you have to look on !

As maria Montessori used to say, Montessori materials has to be beautiful, like it can speak and says to child : "Take me !"

Older children will discover a wonderful world with Montessori Language materials and Montessori Mathematics material.

All these material are very high quality made meaning high educative value. Moreover Nienhuis offers a very large Montessori Spareparts service.

So you don't buy a simple Montessori material, you invest in a Montessori material !

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