Delivery and delivery times

General information

Items are shipped directly from Nienhuis in Holland to save time and to be more environmentally friendly in terms of transport. They are sent using DHL and small parcels are managed by Chronopost in France.

If your order includes several items, the items which are available immediately are sent and the remaining items will be sent to you as soon as they are available at no additional cost.

Orders paid by credit or debit card are processed immediately; for payments by bank transfer or cheque, we wait to receive payment before any processing.

Administrative orders for local authorities are also processed immediately.

You will be able to track the progress of your order in your customer account (paid, being prepared, shipped).

Once your parcel is shipped, a tracking number will be automatically sent to you by email by DHL for tracking.

Delivery times

Delivery times depend primarily on the availability of products and the time of your order. On average, it usually takes from a few days to a week between ordering and receiving available products.

An order placed on day D, depending on the time it's placed, is processed and immediately sent to Nienhuis; the parcel is often prepared the next day, depending on the workload of the logistics department, before being shipped on D+1 or D+2.

Pallets require a little more preparation time.


Shipping costs are much lower than the actual cost of shipping, processing and order preparation.

Wooden materials (often beech) are heavy and are sometimes bulky. Because we want to ensure the best prices for everyone, which means margins are low, we cannot include shipping costs in the price of the materials to make you believe we're offering free delivery, as many companies do. We believe in real savings, with the lowest possible prices for materials and transport costs, but they do exist and we don't want to deny that. We're transparent.

In view of the multiple references, weights and volumes of products, the average price of shipping is €10. For comparison, a tracked Colissimo parcel weighing 3kg costs €12.50.

However, shipping costs are free on orders over €300 (excluding furniture) as a gesture of goodwill - we still have to pay and, indeed, we pay more because the order is heavier! 

For some areas and depending on the order, a quote must be provided before. We want to invoice shipping costs as accurately as possible; we never make money on them.

Deliveries to Switzerland, Monaco and Norway incur a fixed fee of €30 applied for any processing by customs.

Shipping costs excluding taxes (excluding furniture*)


Basket worth €0 to €300 ex VAT

Basket worth more than €300 ex VAT

Customs fees

France10 € ex VATFree*
Austria10 € ex VATFree*
Bulgaria30 € ex VAT30 € ex VAT
Belgium10 € ex VATFree*
Croatia25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT
Germany10 € ex VATFree*
Czech Republic30 € ex VAT30 € ex VAT
Denmark10 € ex VATFree*
Estonia30 € ex VAT30 € ex VAT
Finland25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT
Greece45 € ex VAT30 € ex VAT
Hungary25 € ex VAT15 € ex VAT
Iceland15 € ex VAT15 € ex VAT
Ireland25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT
Italy15 € ex VAT15 € ex VAT
Latvia25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT
Lithuania25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT
Luxembourg10 € ex VATFree*
Monaco15 € ex VAT15 € ex VAT30 € ex VAT
Malta15 € ex VAT15 € ex VAT
The Netherlands10 € ex VATFree*
Norway25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT30 € ex VAT
Poland25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT
Portugal30 € ex VAT30 € ex VAT
Romania40 € ex VAT40 € ex VAT
Slovakia25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT
Slovenia25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT
Spain15 € ex VATFree*
Sweden15 € ex VAT15 € ex VAT
Ukraine10 € ex VAT10 € ex VAT
United Kingdom10 € ex VATFree*
Switzerland25 € ex VAT25 € ex VAT30 € ex VAT
WorldEstimate required

Estimate required

We deliver worldwide and it is impossible to calculate all possible combinations of items for every country. What's more, for some destinations air or sea freight is obligatory. That's why, for shipping to some destinations, a precise estimate in relation to the items ordered will be provided. Any remaining items will always be sent at our cost.

Indicative date of availability

If items are not immediately available, an indicative date of expected availability is displayed for each product, when known. This date corresponds to the receipt by the supplier of the container containing these products. A few days for processing must be added before the actual shipment of products.

This date is therefore for information purposes, based on industrial and transport processes, subject to unexpected changes: it can change slightly with time. We try to share as much information as we have in our possession, but these dates are not contractual; they are generally updated every week.

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