Furniture for children

Children's houses and nurseries

From the beginning, Gonzagarredi worked with Maria Montessori to research and create specialist furniture, still used today by many nurseries, children's houses and primary schools.

Furniture to help individual development

The result of this research led Gonzagarredi to develop manufacturing techniques and its own solutions to ensure that its furniture is solid, functional, lightweight, long-lasting and colourful. Their catalogue presents furniture which meets the needs of an active child from a very early age.

Bespoke furniture for any age

At playgroup and nursery schools, you can often see that the dimensions of furniture and equipment are quite random - they have not been thought about nor adapted to their users: children. In contrast, Gonzagarredi uses the best materials to provide products which are ideally suited to children's needs.

A comfortable environment

Recent research clearly shows how the ideal classroom must be arranged to provide children with an environment in which they can discover and learn in an ideal, reassuring, familiar atmosphere for active discoveries, within children's direct reach. The least educational-looking space possible, with the appearance of a house in the sense that it is able to offer warmth, protection and accessible, everyday objects, suitable to this stage of life.

Something old, something new

Gonzagarredi creates an educational setting which is lively and colourful. The furniture can be arranged differently, thanks to a system which can offer plenty of surprises, to create nooks and small enclosed spaces. A bespoke environment for those who experience it, so that the institution stops being a container in which adults try to make children adapt, instead becoming a space for growth and to support independence.

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