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New Montessori school projects

Montessori Spirit was created to support the development of the Montessori educational approach.

It is therefore right that we are here to support you as you develop your project. As such, we can operate on several different levels, transparently and at no cost, when it comes to Nienhuis' and Gonzagarredi's ranges.

Montessori Spirit's services

  • Defining the project: the creation of a school requires materials and furniture too. Schools rarely acquire all materials on opening. Montessori Spirit is here to help you to better define your project with regards to the premises and your classrooms.
  • Layout: you need to decide on areas for working, reading, resting, eating and more. Each requires specific furniture and materials. We are here to establish your layout requirements in addition to your needs for Montessori materials.
    Business plan: we are also able to assist you in creating your Business Plan, which will often be necessary for a bank or for a request for financing. Of course, we can create a quote for you but we can also make the services of our accounting firm available to help you to write your business plan.
  • Quotes: we can study and further develop your project by creating several quotes, which we will fine-tune with you until your school opens. The first quote is rarely definitive: elements are often added and removed because a project is built and develops over time; we are here, by your side.
  • Financing: any start-up structure often requires significant cash flow, which is often insufficient. Montessori Spirit is aware of the scale and number of challenges facing you and can help you with a discount which is tailored to your project and the possibility of staggered payments. We are here to support you and help with the feasibility of the project, not to eat up your budget!

Assessing the investment for your Montessori classroom

There are a lot of materials and economic constraints are often significant at the start. It is therefore often the budget (even if this shouldn't be the case) which dictates choices and concessions, leaving you to add materials to the classroom over time. So an entire classroom, excluding furniture, costs an average of €10,000, excluding taxes, ranging from €7,000 to €15,000, excluding taxes, although this can be doubled in some cases.

Although there isn't a lot of choice when it comes to decisions regarding everyday life and sensory elements, several factors influence the final quote: choosing educators, the quality of those chosen, the extent of materials, particularly in mathematics and geography, the purchase of important items such as bells, the purchase of various complementary materials and more.

We can send you an Excel file which consolidates the main materials by classroom so that you can determine your own requirements, adapted to your classroom, more precisely while having an idea of the final cost. Download the file: quotes by classroom and by age group

Contact and customised studies

Montessori Spirit is by your side at every stage of the project, letting you focus on finding premises, which is often the hardest and most personal part. For the rest, we'll support you - you won't be on your own.

Whether you're a small Montessori workshop or you want to open a school, please contact us for a quote or for a feasibility study of your project

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